The Seal Of The Theosophical Society

The Sacred Word

The sacred Sanskrit word for “om”. The ultimate absolute Unity that manifests in a three fold way. It speaks of the Devine Intelligence from which the universe emanates and to which the universe will return to in the end. Om is the Divine origin of all things

The Whirling Cross

This symbol is very ancient and is found worldwide. It is known as the swastika which means “good”. In India it is a sign of good luck. The cross rotates clockwise and is sun-wise, suggesting the dynamic forces of creation. The swastika represents the great process of becoming. When the swastika turns in the opposite direction (nazi) it symbolises the forces of contraction and destruction. The circle around the cross represents the boundary around the universe. The creative force operates within this boundary. the centre of the cross is a place of stillness, the place of peace. The still point of the turning world. This symbol is below the “Sacred Word”, which speaks of unchanging absolute. The changing world hangs on the unchanged absolute.

The Ouroboros

The serpent swallowing its own tail. It signifies infinity and the cycle of birth and death. The circular form is the same meaning as the circle in the Whirling Cross. The serpent encircles the creative energy. The serpent swallowing its own tail represents the cycles of nature. Everything that has a beginning has an end. The serpent (nagas) is a symbol of wisdom, longevity and happiness. 

The Ankh

The Egyptian cross or ankh of life. Divine persons are often seen caring the ankh by its loop or handle on the top. This symbol is made up of two parts: the tau (T) cross with a circle on the top. The cross represents matter and the circle represents spirit. Life consists of a combination of matter an spirit.

The Solomon Seal

The hexagram or six pointed star. This symbol is made up of two triangles. The upward pointing triangle is lighter in colour and speaks of spirit or consciousness. The darker downward pointing triangle speaks of matter (substance). These triangles are interwoven and shows us that spirit and matter are interdependent on each other. Every particle of matter has consciousness. Every spark of consciousness functions through a material form. Matter and sprit are mutually dependent on one another.

The Motto

The motto: “There is no religion higher than truth” is wrapped around the seal. In Sanskrit it also has the meaning that nothing is greater than truth. None of man’s commitments, social conventions or ideas can measure up to the reality of what truly is. Reality is greater than of its parts and is beyond all our notions about it.