Everything in the


is Conscious: 

A consciousness of

 its own kind 

and on its own

 plane of perception

Helena Blavatsky 

O Hidden Life, vibrant in every atom;

O Hidden Light, shining in every creature;

O Hidden Love, embracing all in Oneness;

May all who feel themselves as one with Thee,

Know they are therefore one with every other 

The Three Objectives Of Theosophy

  • To form a nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity without distinction of race, creed,  sex, class or colour.
  • To encourage the study of comparative religion. philosophy and science.
  • To investigate the unexplained laws of nature and the powers latent in the human being.


‍Members of the Theosophical Society come from all walks of life and belong to any philosophy or religion, or none. They stand in unity through their acceptance of the three Objects of the Society and their aspiration to learn about the timeless teachings of Theosophy – the Esoteric Wisdom. Unity lies at the very heart of the theosophical community and inspires the lives of its members towards unselfish service and inner transformation. Divine Wisdom is One – the paths towards it are many.

Welcome to the web page of the Theosophical Society in Southern Africa. We hope your visit to our site will be both enlightening and enjoyable.

This web site is being launched on the 25th of August 2018 to coincide with the opening of the 98th Convention of the Theosophical Society in Southern Africa, the theme of which is: “Forward with Blavatsky”. This also marks a return to a greater emphasis of the writings and influence of Helen Petrovna Blavatsky, the founder of the modern Theosophical movement. What is called for from students of theosophy is a full and proper understanding of the writings left to us by this great student of theosophy and teacher. It requires an exploration of these important writings she has left us from a philosophical, scientific and psychological perspective; verifying it in terms of both academic(modern critical analysis) and verification from our own personal experience.

We acknowledge our commitment to the International Theosophical Society Headquartered at Adiya and are committed to it’s mission statement accepted at the General Council Planning meeting at Naarden on July 2018. “To serve humanity by cultivating an ever-deepening understanding and realisation of the Ageless Wisdom, Spiritual-Self-transformation and the unity of all life”. We will cooperate with other like minded theosophical groups that promote the teachings of H.P.B. and welcome to our lodges all true students of theosophy. It is our hope to promote on this web site the teaching of theosophy and the three objectives it stands for.


The word comes from the Greek “theosophia” meaning the wisdom of the Gods or Divine Wisdom. It relates to the Alexandrian philosophers called “Lovers of the Truth”. It has been known by other names for example “The Ageless or Ancient Wisdom, the Wisdom Religion, the Perennial Philosophy and the Wisdom Tradition”.

It is seen as being a multifaceted teaching. One that gives meaning and purpose to life that aids our understanding of our own natures and the nature of reality. It gives guidelines on the physical body, our psychological nature both emotional and mental and our spiritual nature. It can also help students of its teaching attain inner peace and serenity. It is the spiritual philosophy that has existed since time immemorial capable of guiding spiritual travellers on their spiritual path, leading to both spiritual growth and enlightenment. It seeks the unfoldment of the greatest human qualities such as understanding, insight, intuition, love, compassion and the expression of human creative potential.

The Theosophical Society internationally

The Theosophical Society was founded by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Henry Steel Olcott, William Quan Judge, and others in New York City on November 17, 1875. In 1882 the international headquarters of the Society was established at Adyar near Madras (Chennai) in India. This remains the headquarters for the Society, which is now established in more than sixty countries throughout the world. The Australian section of the Society was founded in 1895 and the current Sydney branch: “The Blavatsky Lodge” was founded in 1922. 

Mr Tim Boyd (2014-current) has been serving as the international Presedent of the Society. Tim is also the Presedent of both the American Society and the Society in Adyar.

‍The Theosophical Society in Southern Africa

The first lodge to be formed in Southern Africa was the Johannesburg lodge in April 1899. Today their are six lodges based in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Germiston, Durban, Cape town and Maputo.

‍The Pan-African Federation

The PATF was formed to promote contacts between the various Theosophical Sections, Regional Associations, Lodges and Members. Its main aim is to spread the truth of ancient universal wisdom throughout Africa and promote the type of brotherhood that transcends ethnic, religious and ideological differences across international borders. The PATF was founded in Nairobi on the 24th of October 2000 during the East and Central Africa Section’s TS Convention. The past international President Radha Burnier was there and recommended the name of the Federation. The federation embraces the West African Section (Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon and Liberia), the East and Central Africa Section (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia) and the Southern African Section (South Africa and Mozambique). Thomas Davis is the current Chairman.